Online Pharmacy

With spring health pharmacy, your medicine will be shipped safely and securely to the location of your choice. That means no more trips to the pharmacy. No more waiting in lines to pick up your medicine. No more hassle.Buy Medications online. We strive to make the process of keeping up with your treatment as simple and cost-effective as possible. Get a 90-day supply of your medicine mailed to your home at a potentially lower cost—saving you time and money. We will also notify you with a courtesy call, text message or email reminder when your prescription is ready for a refill.

Do spring health pharmacy acceptance returns?

Buy Medications online. To ensure the integrity of the medicines dispensed, spring health pharmacy does offer credits or refunds for returned medicines or supplies that are properly dispensed. However, if you have questions about your order, your order arrived in poor condition or you receive an order you are not expecting, please contact us right away to discuss your options.

Can I get an immediate supply of my medicine?

If you’re trying a new medicine, or if you’ll need your medicine right away, you can ask your health care provider for two prescriptions: • One written for a one-month supply you can fill at a retail pharmacy in spring bay pharmacy network. • A second prescription for up to a three-month supply, you can send, and refills that to spring health pharmacy, or you have sent it to us. The spring health pharmacy will process the second prescription as soon as your benefit allows, or per your request at a later date.

If my medicine needs to be refrigerated, how will spring health pharmacy ship it?

The spring health pharmacy will send medicines that require refrigerated packaging with ice packs at no extra cost. Because of the changes in temperatures throughout the year, you may receive your medicine in a cooler, or you may receive a different number of ice packs depending on the forecasted temperatures. This will not impact the integrity of your medicine. We may contact you to verify the physical shipping address on your order since these items cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box.

When can I refill my medicine?

Depending on the type of medicine, dose and day supply of your prescription, most medicines can be refilled when you have two weeks worth of medicine remaining. Once you set your communication preferences, we will notify you with a courtesy call, text message or email reminder when your prescription(s) are available for refill. This keeps you from having to track when you are able to refill. Buy Medications online. Spring health pharmacy is one of the Best online pharmacy and one of the most reputable .